Campus DJ was founded in 2013 with the objective of providing collegiate talent with a unique opportunity. Three years later, it’s still the only nationwide search for the best college DJs.  Campus DJ has awarded more than $300,000 in total gear and cash prizes to participating college DJs and fans at events. After months of regional battles, one DJ has emerged victorious for the 2015 season. Read more about DJ Kurr, the recent FSU grad and aspiring business man, and listen to his special Your EDM Guest Mix below:

Where do you attend school?

I attended Florida State University and graduated May 2015. I was in the Entrepreneurship Program, which is part of the Business Department. On Friday and Saturday nights, I had a residency at the two largest nightclubs in Tallahassee, Coliseum and Bajas/Tabu.

What was your major?

Entrepreneurship, which is what really helped me to grow as a DJ and as a brand. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset and was constantly looking for ways to grow. Adding DJing to the equation was what really allowed me to perform at events nationwide.

What was your school like life?

When I was in school, I was insanely busy. Between DJing 3-5 nights a week, taking 4 full-time classes, and touring, it never stopped!

Do you still want to pursue DJing full-time or is it just a hobby?

To me DJing is a major part of my life. After graduation I immediately moved to Los Angeles. I started working part-time at Dim Mak, became a TA at Scratch DJ Academy, and performed at events including the 2015 ESPY Awards and Miley Cyrus’s VMA After party! 

When did you start DJing/Producing?

I started an entertainment company in 6th grade, where I thought I was DJing, but in reality I was just playing music on CDs, oblivious to the actual DJ culture. It took me four years until I stopped focusing on building the business and learned what DJing actually was. After attending a class at Scratch DJ Academy as a birthday gift during my sophomore year of high school, I immediately bought two turntables and a Serato box and the rest was history.

Who are some of your DJ idols?

Being first introduced to DJing on hip-hop vinyl’s, I strongly believe in the “Real DJ” Culture. With that being said, my DJ idols are Vice, A-Trak, Craze, Irie and the LA Leakers to name a few.

Tell us more about the charity you chose.

Because philanthropy is such a large part of my life, choosing one charity to donate to was very difficult. I wanted to make sure the money would go a long way and really make a difference. I chose a local organization, The Dylan Schopp Sunshine Foundation. Dylan was a friend of mine at FSU, who from the outside seemed like the happiest kid in the world. The reason why this foundation is called “Sunshine” is because everyone referred to Dylan as a bright ray of sunshine. Unfortunately, on February 12, 2015, at just 21 years young, the world lost Dylan to suicide. To celebrate his life and help his spirit and energy live on, The Dylan Schopp Sunshine Foundation was created and strives to better the lives of children and young adults in the hopes of preventing tragedies like this from ever occurring again.

Were you nervous going into the DJ final?

Going into the finals I definitely felt nervous. This battle was very important to me, and being put on such a massive stage in front of 10K people put butterflies in my stomach. But at the same time I was confident. I had already gone through the whole night in my head countless times. Exactly what I was going to do, what I was going to say, and even how I would react to different situations. 

So what’s next for you?

I’m currently in Miami until May for work, so you can definitely find me rocking some of the top nightclubs on South Beach, as well as special events throughout the nation. Being a turntablist, I am always hungry for DJ battles. On top of Campus DJ, I also won the 2011 Winter Music Conference Spin Off as the youngest competitor and do not plan to stop. Hopefully sometime soon I can enter the Red Bull Threestyle competition too.

If you could play any festival in the world, where would you play?

In my head there is no such thing as a genre, it’s all just music. So multi-genre festivals are by far my favorite. If I could play any festival in the world, I would have to say Coachella. The fact that there is literally something for every demographic excites me and as a DJ, is something I would love to contribute to.

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Tracklist :

1.     How Deep is Your Love (DJ Snake Remix)
2.     Antidote (Lookas Remix)
3.     U Mad – Craymak Trap Remix
4.     RGF Island – Fetty Wap
5.     Jumpman – Drake and Future
6.     Amazing – Red Cup Nation
7.     She Knows – ShadowRed & DJ Poun Trap Remix
8.     My Way – Flosstradamus & 4B Remix (Dirty)
9.     99 Problems – Borgeous Rags To Riches Remix (Dirty)
10.  Squad – Red Cup Nation
11.  Drunk & Dance – Red Cup Nation
12.  Peanut Butter Jelly – Galantis