We know it’s the middle of winter, but if you’re wearing multiple layers, then you’re going to need to strip down a bit before listening to this latest offering from Portland native, Chase Manhattan. Go ahead, take a minute; we’ll wait.

…okay, feelin’ a little chilly now? Good. Smash that ‘Play’ button and let the heat of On the Rocks wash over you. We guarantee you’ll be sweating it out like you’re on the Playa before you even have time to say “turn up”. Chase truly pulled no punches with this one, creating a sonic space that is equal parts hyphy and trippy, ratchet and real. Easily the wildest mixtape we’ve heard thus far in 2016, On the Rocks makes us long for the shenanigans of summer while letting us appreciate the suspense of the cold months still to come. And, hey, if you’ve ever ventured out to the Emissions Festival, then you’ll be experiencing more than a few flashbacks. The full mixtape can be found after the jump; make sure to support this talented up & comer if you’re feelin’ the vibes!


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