Everyone’s favourite Heaven Trap duo SLANDER are back with another record pushing the envelopes of their sound. “Breathe” has an inspiring story behind it too. In a fabled ‘apprentice becomes the master’ scenario, the boys haveĀ linked up with one of the first people who showed them the ropes of music production. Adam K jumped into the studio with his old students, demonstrating just how far the pairing have come in the past few years.

The track is a sweeping flurry of angelic melodies and injections of bass that will send you straight to Cloud 9. The breakdowns are just as smooth, with haunting vocals courtesy of Matthew Steeper & HalieneĀ giving the music a deeper purpose. Originally started all the way back in August 2015, you can now get your hands on “Breathe” for no cost whatsoever here. What’s more, SLANDER have announced a huge tour in conjunction with the release, so you’ll be able to enjoy this even more on a loud sound system!