This takes us back down memory lane to the good ol’ days of Zeds Dead. The duo’s rapid climb to success and recognition was first kickstarted back when minimalism and downtempo vibes were the norm, with tracks like “Love Me.” Now, Zeds Dead have briefly abandoned their new tendency of harder, festival-suited work for a return to the basics. With Omar LinX‘s track “Red Light Green Light” as a starting point, the two were able to flip it into a vocal-centered, wub-saturated, moody heater. It’s even available for free download here.

It begins with glassy tones behind Omar’s untouched vocals as various, simplistic percussion arrangements evolve and crossover each other. Eventually, a short swell leads into a series of dark, resounding metallic whooshes and scrapes, reminiscent of the original Zeds Dead sound we all fell in love with. The vibe becomes one of intensity and relaxation simultaneously, and carries on throughout the length of the track.

Click here to download the track for free!