Bassline veteran DJ Q finished 2015 on a strong note, releasing the highly anticipated two-sider “Rocky / Poison” on Local Action. Highly sought after by fans, the EP was a huge success. You’ll be glad to know that the Huddersfield resident has dropped something free for the listeners today, because who doesn’t like free music?

Entitled “99”, the record is a tribute to oldskool garage sounds whilst incorporating nostalgic arcade effects into the mix. The raw, gritty synths will take you back to your first rave with live vocal shots providing an electrifying energy. Or as the official description succinctly puts it “DJ Q WID DAT NU NU BELEEP BASSLINE BANGER!”

This is available now to download through the Unknown To The Unknown imprint, ran by DJ Haus who is part of the duo Trumpet & Badman alongside DJ Q.