Organization Artists For Peace and Justice recently teamed up with producer Michael Brun to create a track called “Wherever I Go” in direct support of Haiti, his home nation. By directing all of the song’s proceeds toward the country’s healthcare, education and arts programs through the local Audio Institute, Brun hopes to make a difference in a place experiencing extreme levels of poverty.

“It was kind of life-changing to bring in this Haitian sound in this way with students who have grown up with it, and merging it with where I come from – which is electronic music. Even though I’m Haitian, electronic music was always the first thing that I knew and was the most comfortable with. But to be doing this together was kind of like opening something new and I’m listening to music differently now.”

Produced at Haiti’s Audio Institute itself, “Wherever I Go” comes as a joyful and anthemic, tropical house tune that seeks to uplift and inspire people around the world to join their communities and reach for their goals. Both the track and its associated music video can be found below.

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Source: Dancing Astronaut