Socializing all day, dancing all night – while they’re certainly an escape, festivals are quite demanding when you think about it. Especially when you’re losing yourself to the sounds of Shpongle, Beats Antique Live, CloZee, and more. But Envision is all about rediscovery and transformation, so it only makes sense they’ve found a way to re-energize its patrons after a day of enjoyment.

Expanding its reaches into the world of sacred movement, focused practice, and personal discovery, Envision has just released the inspiring ensemble of instructors scheduled to lead the transformation on the shores of Uvita. World renowned yogis like Rachel Brathen, Amber Ryan, Marcos Jassan, Troy Hadeed, and New York Times Bestselling Author Sianna Sherman will be present to guide bodies through enriching movement. Expressive Healing Arts Founder Ashleigh Sergeant, Holistic Body Therapist Juan Pablo Barahona, and Hoopdance Pioneer Michelle Nayeli Bouvier will also be amongst the instructors aiding attendees in restoring themselves.

envision yoga

Now that Envision owns the festival venue, they’ve added immersive components to the grounds, including the new Yoga Shala sacred movement temples to encourage discovery of serenity, mindfulness, and nature. The sustainably designed and built structures are courtesy of Living Space Costa Rica, and will also house juice bars, chill-out spaces, and substance free zones to relax and recharge. Tickets are still available to this year’s festival, so avoid the FOMO and click here for more info and details regarding Envision’s retreat offerings.

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