“Whales” doesn’t quite sound like anything we’ve heard from Tchami’s Confession imprint before, but that doesn’t mean it’s not at home. Jace Mek has crafted a deep sea adventure that accords brilliantly with the label’s ethos of brain bending tunes to challenge the status quo.

“Whales” is a quirky collection of Jace Mek’s signature wriggling synths, and although he dips a foot into the outskirts of moombah, the track stays firmly rooted in house. Yes, the artwork is indeed a cow, but that doesn’t stop us from picturing a bunch of ocean critters throwing the most fire birthday party of the year. Beginning with a bouncing whistle, we’re met with a synthesized lead that sounds like nothing less than the blubbery mass of whales grooving about at recess, and the subtle bassline dawdles steadily underneath the thrusting dorsal kicks. “Whales” is shamelessly playful, and we couldn’t be happier to bring you the premiere of Jace Mek’s latest. Strap in and have a listen below.

Jace Mek