Wrapping the best of house, electronica, and deep into a neatly packaged delicacy, Amtrac’s Lost In Motion EP curates a gorgeous retro atmosphere with rumbling synths and evocative melodies. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to hop in an ’87 Testarrossa and get lost in transit on a late night cruise. And that’s exactly what this EP is about: getting Lost In Motion. It’s kinetic, it keeps you moving. All the rolling percussion makes sure of that, and Amtrac has beautifully capitalized on the power of tried and true house arrangements, albeit with his trademark design.

Kicking off on a powerful note,”Darkest Sound” takes on opaque vocals to set the atmosphere, instilling the sensation of peering expectantly into sunlit woods from the cover of a shaded rock. The mix shimmers just right, and packs all the “umph” to turn the ignition and follow the dotted yellow.

“Long Nights” is second to grace the record, and it’s disembodied vocals round up modulated oscillations to churn the tune into action. Again, ominous lyrics penetrate the arrangement, and arpeggiated melodies speed along to the shuffling house, with flattened midlines spreading wide over the arrangement.

“Once Is Enough” draws the EP further towards the edge, with a gurgling bassline to add finality. Around halfway through the track, Amtrac cuts the embellishments and throws the spotlight on an encompassing bassline, slowly letting it resolve back into a driven groove.

Finally, “Solid Thinking” comes through with a plump and juicy synth to aid in navigating back to reality. Rough-cut chords chime the beat along, and emulated string pads maintain tension until those same chords fade back into the familiar shape of your driveway. However, to get a listen of “Solid Thinking” you’ll have to purchase the EP.

Overall, Lost In Motion is an incredible production. It’s not meant to be blasted over mainstage speaker stacks; the EP’s purpose is to please your ears with impeccable taste and set the mood for a mental getaway. Trust yourself to another flawless Amtrac record, and have a listen below. Lost In Motion is available now on iTunes.