If you’ve got a taste for those syrupy and squelchy sonic rhythms, look no further than Spoken Bird; his seemingly boundless supply of inspiration is fueled by hip-hop, R&B, and the Bay Area’s tremendously trippy underground bass scene. This translates into a surreal and hypnotic style that is truly his own, a style he is more than happy to showcase on his latest release, Liquid Soul Mantra.

Released last week via Street RitualLiquid Soul Mantra is three tracks of all-original audio wizardry. Waves of mid-range bass wash over you like a tropical sea, warming up the atmosphere and melting away your worries. No-nonsense percussion and absolutely stunning instrumental arrangements make for a near-constant bobbing of the head throughout the entire release; the cherry on top, though, is the smattering of downright gangster vocal samples, which add a touch of the streets to these fantastically psychedelic pieces of music. We highly recommend giving Liquid Soul Mantra a listen as soon as you are able and showing this enterprising musician some support; full stream is below, happy listening!


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