With festival season right around the corner, it’s time to start gathering all the supplies needed for the epic adventure that awaits. The amount of camping festivals that are set to take center stage this year makes having your tents, charge cords and camping essentials an absolute must. But instead of a tent this year, why not just crash in the back seat of your car?

Sleeping in the back of your car has always been a painful awkward process that usually results in a sore back. But an inflatable mattress that fits into the tight spot in the backseat would solve that right away.

The inflatable mattress sold via Light In The Box takes a new form as it fits perfectly to the shape of your backseat. With support beams that fit in the floor of your car and a shortened length, the new inflatable mattress fits snugly in the backseat of most typical 4 door cars.

The concept of an inflatable mattress for the back seat isn’t new, but this is the best interpretation of it that we’ve come across.

Ditch the tent this year and pick up your backseat compatible mattress at Light In The Box for a cool $100. Models have also surfaced on Ebay that are running for only $50.

Check out the pictures of the inflatable mattress below:



Via Mashable