Tech and deep sounds penetrated the mainstream EDM sound in 2015, and that momentum moves forward in 2016 with a slew of young, talented producers leading the charge. One duo in particular stands out: ATICA, who you may know for their tracks “Fire” and “Turn Up.” With more music coming from the duo in the coming year, Your EDM thought a guest mix from the producers would serve as a nice preview for what’s to come.

Stream the hour-long mix below, and then read our exclusive interview with ATICA members Pablo de Rosacruz and Ruslan Slatin to learn their producing origins, new music news, and their inspiration behind the mix:

How did you guys get into producing?

Pablo: In our case this has not been by chance. We both come from artist and musician families. Ruslan’s father is a composer and a musician. In my case, I grew up between vinyls and turntables because my father was an amateur DJ. We have been very lucky with both the heritage and the support given by our families.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

Ruslan: Curiously, despite being from different generations (Pablo is 31 and I’m 23), we both have really important things in common. We literally hear all kinds of music and we both come from hip-hop production and turntablism. We both too played in metal bands when we were teenagers. It truly is a curious mix. Something that also unites us is that we both changed from hip-hop production to electronic music production when Justice’s album was released.

How do you approach DJ sets?

Pablo: We come from turntablism, where DJ routines were much more complex and prepared. As ATICA, we 100 percent pretend to be the people in the crowd to enjoy and dance, so we play as it was a B2B; we read the crowd and each other.

What plans do you have for 2016? Any exciting news?

Ruslan: 2015 has been a complete madness. We never thought it was gonna be this fast. The truth is that, although we already have plans and a release (included on the mix) for 2016, things are happening so fast that we are living in the moment, taking advantage of the opportunity and working on the music harder than ever before. Right off the bat, we’ve made a remix to Midfield General – Disco Sirens (produced by Justice and Soulwax) along with Tommie Sunshine. A dream come true. And many more things. We’ve just released Go Back on Tchami’s label, which was a goal to accomplish and has come sooner than expected!! 2016… Get ready.

What can you tell us about this entry for the Your EDM Mix Series?

Pablo: Our sound as producers is very varied, but it always has a common denominator: a very classic tech-house groove with black music touches. Although being different styles, these are the elements in our sound that we try to maintain in every track. On this mix that we’ve prepared for you, we define a lil’ bit of all those influences, what we like to play for our friends, and our own tracks.

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