UPDATE 2/4 | Louise McCurry has since retracted her initial statement.

Louise McCurry, president of the Jackson Park Advisory Council, said she was told by the Park District that the concert would be on the soccer fields along 63rd Street.

“Getting young people into Jackson Park, at the soccer fields with guaranteed repairs, is a good thing for our youth and a wonderful way  we can introduce more Chicagoans to the site of the 1893 Columbian Exposition visited by 27 million people,” McCurry said. “Equally important for me, all holes or damage would be immediately  repaired so that soccer games could continue as usual.”

Spring Awakening’s fifth annual year will likely be more massive than the last, however, thanks to a sporting event, it will not be held at Soldier Field this year.

According to DNAinfo Chicago, “the festival’s usual June booking at Soldier Field [will] be filled by the Copa América, a South American soccer tournament that will include North American international teams this year.” As such, Spring Awakening has been ushered out. The festival will now look for a confirmed new location, though they have a “conditional” deal to hold the festival this summer in Jackson Park.

However, that presents its own set of problems.

The park is currently undergoing an $8.1 million habitat restoration courtesy of the Army Corps of Engineers.

“It makes no sense at this point,” said Louise McCurry, president of the Jackson Park Advisory Council. “I don’t know enough about it, but while we’re still planting it’s a problem. Until all the work is done, it’s not a good idea.”

Spring Awakening moved to Soldier Field in 2012 after being founded in 2008. Last year’s festival held 40,000 people. In light of this change, the dates of Spring Awakening 2016 are yet unknown.


via DNAinfo