Relentless as ever, Your EDM Records has just put out a new record with west coast natives TRILL ZILLA & Sjacked, and bass house fans everywhere are going to love us for this one.

Since catching the wildly fun and relatively new wave that is bass house, we’ve have had the opportunity to hear some incredibly gnarly tunes, but this one might just take the cake when it comes to ‘hectic.’ The appeal of this new genre, for me at least, is that it’s crazier and harder than deep house, but not so wild or predictable as electro house; all while keeping those crucial kicks and growlers as intact as can possibly be. This is where “Beat Go Down” really shines. It’s cray, but not too cray; and its versatility to DJs is something that is quickly going to become apparent as this release makes the rounds this summer. We couldn’t be more pleased to have this one (or these two) on our roster as the year moves forward. Grab it below!