Deep house with a shot of tequila. That’s the Loud Luxury promise, and their latest concoction, “Old Man,” is no exception. Set to charging four-on-the-floor, this tune packs the sumptuous feel that we could only expect from the loud and luxurious minds of Andrew and Joe.

“Old Man” hits off immediately with an emotive progression, and bright piano chords thread together a gated synth pad and filtered vocals to reign in the atmosphere. Every element is deliberate and exquisite, offering more than enough soul to get you bobbing along. Percussion allows for a beautiful arrangement, with a boxy kick and clean house shuffles to structure the beat. Grumbling basslines punch through the mix for a crisp breakdown, and the chipper piano lead keeps the track on its merry way until the very end.

We even had the opportunity to chat with Andrew and Joe to hear about their beginnings as musicians and see what their project is all about. Be sure to snag Loud Luxury’s “Old Man” as a Free Download, and read on to learn more about the duo.

Loud Luxury


Let’s start at the beginning. How did you two first meet and decide you wanted to become an electronic dance music duo?

Andrew: Hey Your EDM, thanks for having us! We started working as a duo back when we were just two idiots in college. We had met through a club at our school that was dedicated to music production and DJing and started exchanging ideas. At this time, I was producing only hip-hop and was not really into electronic music.

The next day, Joe showed up to my house without warning and abducted me in his friends really sketchy van to take me to a Porter Robinson show he was opening at. He snuck me in because I was underage, but by some miracle I ended up getting backstage with Porter’s Tour Manager and finished half a bottle of vodka to myself. What interested me the most was the connection Porter had with the crowd. His set was absolutely unbelievable and it was almost that “ah ha” moment for me. 

Are there any artists you can point to as inspirations creatively and/or musically?

Joe: Anyone who can take a really sad song and flip into party music. For some reason UK artists like The 1975, Gorgon City, and Snakehips are amazing at doing that and it’s a really happy medium for us creatively. Music that can still tell a story without making you depressed. 

How did you find your sound?

Joe: Listen to as much DIFFERENT music as possible!  

Andrew: The cardinal sin we made when developing as producers was thinking we could do something different in electronic music while just listening to the same recycled crap. To become great producers, we really try to seek out good music and attend shows of many different genres. 

Do you think you will ever stray far from house music? Do you plan on experimenting with new genres?

Andrew: We love to make weird shit, but timing is everything. Those creative risks – like The Chainsmokers did with “Roses” are the result of first being consistent and when people think they know exactly what you are about, you flip the script on them. Needless to say, there will be tons of that as we develop. 

Tell us about this release, what brought about this project?

Joe: One afternoon, we were hungover browsing Netflix and stumbled upon this documentary about the life of Nina Simone called “What Happened Miss Simone”. To put it bluntly, she is a total badass – had a sex addiction, went from selling out shows to performing to 10 people and back again. 

Andrew: Felix Da Housecat did a remix of it over a decade ago and it was a huge house anthem. We thought it would be interesting to make a more modernized version of the track for this generation of house music and created “Old Man”.

How do you feel about the umbrella term ‘EDM’? Where do you think electronic music is heading as a whole in the near future? Where do you see yourselves fitting into that picture?

Joe: People always create these general, meaningless words to describe things they don’t understand. The word “EDM” is just another of those because electronic music is so vast and complicated – we don’t get too worked about those types of things as long as the music is good. 

Andrew: As electronic music has become more mainstream, there is more of an emphasis on songwriting rather than just “club” tracks. That aspect is certainly what gets us most excited – working with songwriters and making you feel something. Thanks guys!