Is the world ready for the return of Woodstock? The grandpappy of modern festivals is rumored to be planning a celebration in 2019 for it’s 50th anniversary – but that’s not all.

After co-creating the original Woodstock ’69 and two follow-ups in ’94 and ’99, Michael Lang is in discussion with “potential partners and different locations are being explored,” and an overseas location isn’t out of the question. Lang has also put forth the idea of producing an annual Woodstock after it’s resurrection.

“With the prevalence of festivals out there, and all the excitement about them, maybe it’s time for that.”

Some have expressed doubt against throwing a fourth edition of Woodstock, especially after the disastrous outcome of the ’99 event. However, we’re no longer in the 90’s, and it could be argued that we’ve come a long way since then, in both mentality and action. Okay, so TomorrowWorld certainly proved that today’s festival-goers aren’t okay with mud and savage campgrounds, and the majority probably wouldn’t survive the conditions of the OG Woodstock. And we concede that a Woodstock thrown by corporations squeezing profits out of attendees completely betrays the festival’s origins, but it’s still possible to throw a world-class event without selling your soul to sponsors – just ask Shambhala. We hope Woodstock will be better than ever, and with modern festival know-how it certainly has potential. The speculation could go either way, but regardless, we’ll keep you posted on how this develops.


H/T Consequence of Sound