Here’s some good news (and better music) to get your week started right: the intensely innovative music makers who make up the Bay Area’s Chillage Records are gearing up to release the fifth edition of Crunksauce, their infamous compilation series. We’ve been waiting for this one ever since we hit the last note on Volume 4, as these collections of tunes are always the cream of the crop. Featuring tunes from both newcomers and core members, there’s something for everyone contained within the crisp drum beats, ethereal melodies, and squelchy rhythms that loosely define the Chillage sound and style.

We’re sure you’re itching to get a taste of what’s to come, which is why we’re truly excited to bring you an exclusive first listen of Elevated Mind‘s submission, ‘Good Life’. Combining elements of mid-tempo glitch and good ol’ fashioned dubstep, the tune is a driving force of synthesized low-end and synths as thick as molasses. We could easily see it soundtracking an early morning; waking up to the sun melting away the fog and enjoying a hot cup of tea, preparing to rise and grind. In short, there’s nothing but good vibes here. So, smash that play button and let Elevated Mind fill your ear-holes with crunksauce; full stream can be found after the jump.


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