We’ve all dealt with this problem…

You find a show that’d be the bane of your existence if you missed it. So you splurge a little and purchase “fan club” tickets and try to forget how eager you are for the big night.

As the show approaches, you get ready with the friends, head to the venue and wait for what feels like an eternity. Only, the tickets aren’t in your name, and you sure as hell have no way of contacting the withholder.

Not only can you not get your physical ticket, but you can’t even share your concern with the ticket service responsible for selling you the ticket. You’ve exhausted all options with the automated voicemails, the emails and that damn 1(800) number. The list goes on as the desperation thickens.

Trust me, we feel your pain.

So what do you do?

In this case, the desperate fellow bass head asked for Excision’s help through his Headbangers Facebook Group! Grabbing at straws, she posted her dilemma explaining her situation.

To almost everyone’s surprise, Excision himself answered, asking for her information so he could help her see his show. But it doesn’t stop there. After personally checking the box office to no avail, he not only got her into the venue but also gave her full back stage passes.

Excision said it best, “this community comes together to help a headbanger in need!” And indeed it did.

Our valuable lessons we’ve learned today- don’t overestimate ticket services, and sure as hell don’t underestimate the power of your favorite DJ and his Facebook groups.


Check out the interaction below:

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