If StéLouse & MYRNE were looking to create one of my favorite tracks of 2016, they damn well succeeded. This track is about as much fun as Space Mountain – which is, to say, a lot.

Through a variety of twists and turns, the track evolves and morphs and becomes something incredible. To start with, as one of our staff members told me, “the first drop hit me harder than the financial crisis of 2008.” I would tend to agree with him. But it’s not just the sound of the drop, oh no no no. It’s how it was done!

If you’ve ever ridden on Scream at Six Flags Magic Mountain or any similar roller coaster, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that the first drop is a slight tease before you’re thrown headfirst into the real ride of your life. Ticking clocks [closing walls and…], little computer blips, and more add to the cacophony of sounds on top of one of the most powerful basslines I’ve ever felt (and I’m wearing a Subpac as I write this, too).

The bridge is wonderfully composed and down to earth in juxtaposition of the previous two minutes of absolute insanity. However, the best is still to come. Channeling their inner Porter Robinson, StéLouse & MYRNE create what I can only describe as a blissful tornado of sounds coalescing into what should only be considered one of the most impeccable musical arrangements of the century. Perhaps I’m a little drunk on future bass, but I don’t think that’s really too much of an exaggeration.