While the name Jai Wolf might not be all too familiar to non-dance music fans, I’m sure that the sweet, sweet melodies of his smash hit “Indian Summer” are. Released via Foreign Family Collective curated by Odesza no less, “Indian Summer” has been a runaway hit both among mainstream media and dance music fans alike. With appearances in commercials, mainstream TV shows (in an episode How To Get Away With Murder) Jai Wolf and his team can be quite happy thus far, but I’m sure that latest video it was used which has cemented the song as a part of sports history might be Jai Wolf’s biggest achievement yet.

As both a sports and pop culture icon, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers needs no introduction and with his storied career coming to an end it’s here in Chicago for his last game against the Bulls ever that “Indian Summer” is featured in Kobe’s introduction video. Every city that Kobe’s been to as a part of his “farewell tour” has seen welcomed with raucous applause and heartfelt video tributes and Sunday evening in Chicago was no different. With appearances by former Laker (and current Bull) Pau Gasol, former MVP Derrick Rose, and a whole lot of the Black Mamba in action, with “Indian Summer” blaring in the background this very well could have been the most emotional Kobe Bryant tributes of the year – thanks to Jai Wolf!

Check out the video below and try not to shed any tear NBA fans, Kobe would eat you right up.

Kobe Bryant x Jai Wolfshout outs to the NBA for using Indian Summer last night to introduce Kobe for his last game in Chicago!

Posted by Jai Wolf on Monday, February 22, 2016


H/T: EDMTunes | Featured Image Source: Eton Online