As the state caucuses and primaries continue to edge closer and closer to Super Tuesday on March 1, where 16 states and territories will open their polls for the most crucial and exciting election day of the season, public figures from all corners are coming out in vocal support or opposition of specific candidates.

In the dance music community, producer Zedd was one of the first to emerge as an adamant opponent of business tycoon Donald Trump’s run for office. After saying that he’d move back to Germany if he was elected, Zedd continued to post Twitter photos of toilet paper with Donald’s face on it, in addition to calling him a comedian. Then, yesterday, Steve Aoki opened himself up to TMZ about “feeling the Bern.” In an interview, he was quoted as saying a Bernie Sanders rave would “…be an awesome cause, and something that the whole nation can rally around.”

Now, even Diplo has joined their ranks. In a tweet sent out last Wednesday, the Jack Ü member claimed that if Bernie Sanders lost the democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton (an EDM lover herself), he would live in India until 2018.

With so many noteworthy EDM contributors sharing the same sentiments – Porter Robinson included – it would be silly of us not to propose the idea of a dance music-hosted rally in support of Bernie Sanders. The artists’ esteem and ability to draw crowds would undoubtedly make for an event of epic proportions. By gathering the mostly younger generations who make up our music community, Sanders would be able to pass on his ideas and message to an entirely new voter base. Hopefully, with some dedication and teamwork, some of EDM’s most recognized producers can come together to make an impact on the fast-paced presidential race.