By now we’ve all heard Porter Robinson’s Worlds (or at least you should have) and understand just how epic the album is. And it seems like Porter’s efforts are reaching the ears of some pretty big names outside of the electronic music community.

Virgin Galactic, part of the larger Virgin air travel group, has recently unveiled their newest passenger spacecraft, Virgin Space Ship Unity (VSSU), at the Mojave Air & Space Port, using none other than Porter’s “Sea of Voices” to soundtrack the occasion. The Design and Brand Manager for Virgin Galactic had this to say:

I must have listened to over a thousand tracks, spanning the best part of a year to find the right music for the unveiling of our new Spaceship. ‘Sea of Voices’ fit not only the brief, but the brand perfectly.

The entire experience seems surreal, so who better to narrate the announcement than Stephen Hawking? You can hear his “voice” over some epic shots of the VSSU’s debut. The celestial sounds of “Sea of Voices” can be heard in the background, resulting in an absolutely stunning video that really showcases the VSSU and all the work put into it.

Check out the video below!