Producer Cavalier, 18, reemerged last week with a brand new original, this time in the form of a melodic and minimal trap swayer called “Lost.” The track is heavily focused on the continually changing chord progressions and overlapping melodies, while the percussion section remains simplistic and steady. At almost 350,000 plays in just 11 days, it’s clear that Cavalier’s ever-expanding base of supporters is clamoring for more, wonderful material.

Beginning with a distant, echoed vocal cut, the track suddenly breaks into the main section with a powerful sub bass and straightforward hi hat arrangement. The pitched down vocals rest on top of various muted synths that carry the tempo later into the song, being taken in and out of the mix repeatedly. A Hucci-like simplicity and attention to crisp sound design become the track’s most defining features, as light piano trills carry it to its finish.