Sophomore albums are the hardest to make. Think about it – after enjoying world-wide success off of a debut record, there’s a lot of pressure to follow up accordingly. People expect the same, yet something completely different. It’s in this juxtaposition that many artists fall victim and lose a sense of identity. But not The 1975.

Their self-titled debut came in 2013 and was timeless in just about every way, from hit singles like “Chocolate” and “Sex” to deeper cuts like “Haunt//Bed,” “Robbers,” and “Me.” It’s no secret that the ’80s and electronic music in general has a huge influence on their sound. But in nearly three years since hearing from them, one question remained on our minds. How can they follow this up?!

After their first single, “Love Me,” a sexy, Bowie-esque tune, earned a slot on Annie Mac’s show as the “hottest record in the world,” it was no secret this album was going to be something special. Arguably the longest title in history and bringing back memories of early Fall Out Boy song titles, I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful, Yet So Unaware Of It, the guys make every word count, encompassing a perfect fusion of electronic and acoustic layers to make it a genuine masterpiece.

Rather than go through each track tirelessly and use an incessant amount of adjectives and exclamation points, I’m going to simply suggest this may be one of the most brilliant, well constructed albums to come out in years.

Sure, on the surface, certain tracks really stand out like “The Sound,” “She’s American,” and “Love Me,” for their bright and extremely catchy hooks. But I dare you to take a deeper listen. Check out “If I Believe You,” “Lostmyhead,” or even “Nana.” They’re pioneers. I can honestly say they are doing what no one else has either done in the past or is doing now.

The album flows seamlessly, capturing you immediately within its ethereal grasp, with a cinematic and gripping introduction, and ending on a quiet, intimate note. Whether you’re a long time fan or someone looking for a little more spark in your life, this is an album for you.

Listen to I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful, Yet So Unaware Of It here!