We’ve written about drummer Matt McGuire before, the last time also for a Skrillex cover.

Well that was a year ago, and Matt has (presumably) gotten much better in the time since then. He’s also become a bit more bold in his choice of covers, choosing to go after one of Skrillex’s biggest hits, his remix of “Levels” by Avicii.

Rather than just using a standard drum kit, Matt also uses a pair of Roland SPD SX for electronic triggers. And while that’s still pretty dope, the magic happens when he sits down at his drums – you can just tell that he feels at home.

At the beginning of the video, Matt writes, “Hey Skrillex. If you’re watching this… I just wanted to say thank you for being such a huge inspiration to me.” I’m sure Skrillex would appreciate seeing this, especially given his own background in music.

Take a look at more of Matt’s covers on his YouTube channel here.


H/T EDM.com