It’s no secret that there has been a recent influx of melded music happening throughout the industry. This cross-genre pollination is giving rise to some of the most popular tracks on the charts right now. Whether it be Bieber and Skrillex, Zedd and Selena, Calvin and Ellie – the numbers don’t lie, and the synergy system is yielding great results.

With this latest drop, Klingande is following suit, creating a track that brings together chill electronic, live strings, and poppy vocals. From the top, the soothing male topline sets the scene for a heavily pop-driven song. The backbeat, laiden with signature trop snaps and steadily rising uplifting builds, has the makings of a laidback, vibey tune. With the addition of the live strings however, it is adding a new and interesting element we don’t hear in the typical edm tracks of today. And in solidarity of real instruments, there are also bits of piano and tambourine thrown in for good measure. The texture of the melody is layered with synth, vibrant string, and strong pulsing beat, breeding a new kind of listening experience that avid music fans are bound to enjoy. If you want to try something unique, this is definitely one to put on your list!