In a strange and unexpected move, producer Pretty Lights took to social media yesterday to both confound and excite his immense fanbase with a series of cryptic messages that imply a change in the way he releases his music. On his Twitter and Instagram pages, he began with an enigmatic statement about the process in which he puts out material, framing several of the thought’s key words in quotation marks.

Later that evening, he followed up with a simple photo of an old cassette tape and a series of messages that quote both Nikola Tesla and filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. One post even includes a dictionary definition for the word “analogy.”

“Everything is the Light” – Nikola Tesla

Finally, Pretty Lights’s website has been revamped with a dark and peculiar video to complete the mystery. The minute and a half long clip shows the man himself draped in a hoodie, descending a building’s interior until he emerges on stage. Nothing concrete can be gleaned from the video, but it certainly does its job at grabbing our attention.

Click here to visit his website and investigate for yourself.


Source: Dancing Astronaut