Speaking about sound systems, there are a lot of names that come to mind. However, when you’re talking about dance music, and established speaker systems that have made a point of making their brand known via partnerships and such, two names come to mind: PK Sound and Funktion One.

PK Sound has already unveiled their Trinity system in 2014 to rave reviews, and everyone from Bassrush to Excision gladly uses their product. Funktion One, on the other hand, has made a killing in the club speaker game, making use in various clubs all around the country; they’ve also been used at various festivals.

Now, Funktion One is unveiling¬†Vero,¬†“the new, large format touring sound system that is set to re-define audio and operational performance expectations.”

For those of you who want exceptional sound quality at live event, be on the lookout for Vero at a stadium near you.

For those of you who are looking to use Vero for your next show, more information about specs and such can be found here.