Anyone who is a fan of Philip George knows that his tunes are catchy, upbeat, and will undoubtedly get stuck in your head for all the right reasons. This extended mix is another prime example of this man’s genius signature style.

Quick to warm up, the track almost immediately begins weaving in the female topline. With the seemingly effortless ease and lightness that is indicative of Dragonette’s vocals, the song quickly hooks you into its trippy synths and pulsating rhythm. The strength of the piano chords that make up the forceful backbeat lend a unique and pleasant surprise, on top of which the uplifting builds and melodic rises find their platform. The echoing chorus is simple, but sprinkled amongst all the twinkling melodic wisps and the euphoric rises, it provides an exciting and inspiring mix that is certain to get any heart beating faster.

This track is just a feel good way to start your weekend. Fast paced, uplifting, and packing a definitively playful punch, if it doesn’t get you dancing around your living room, I’m not sure that anything will. If the ‘way’ they wanted to make you ‘feel’ was ready for the weekend, and amped to ‘feel’ the beat, then they have succeeded and beyond! Enjoy!!