The Hardwell Presents, Revealed Recordings North American Bus Tour, wrapped up last night in Ottawa, Canada after bringing the Dutch sound to 12 cities throughout the United States and Canada. I sat down with Thomas Newson and Kill The Buzz in Columbus to talk about it means to be a part of Revealed Recordings and what it’s like to be on tour with the two time world’s best DJ. They both could not be more excited about the tour and talked about their plans for Miami Music Week.  Photos below!

What’s your favorite thing about the Revealed North American bus tour?

Thomas Newson(TN): “I think the energy is really good in the United States. The venues and the clubs we have play so far have been insane. It’s always popping off no matter how many people there are.”

Kill The Buzz(KTB): “The exposure is the best.”

TN: “Yeah, and we also have a lot of fun on this tour.”

What are your aspirations following this tour?

KTB: “My aspirations for the next few years are to develop myself and continue to make new music. We both have the dream of having our own label one day but for now I want to stay focused and get as much experience as I can get from this bus tour and from then on we will see.”

TN: “The same, I want to focus on developing myself to the fullest”

What is it like to be a part of Revealed Recordings ?

TN: “Revealed Recordings is such a good label that has an amazing fan base. Its just awesome to be a part of something that feels like a family, you can hang out with anyone on the label you want to.”

KTB: “Yeah, it definitely feels like a family”

Are you working on any new collaborations between you three while on this tour?

KTB: “We have already been working on some stuff from when we were touring together in Asia.”

TN: “Yeah, we are always bouncing new ideas off each other on the bus.”

Are you guys excited for Miami Music Week?

TN: “Yes! I’m playing at the Revealed Recordings Stage at Ultra. This will be my first time playing Ultra. I always used to watch the live stream, and now a few years later I am playing. It’s going to be sick!”

KTB: “I’ll be playing the Niki Beach party. I’m also really excited to hear all of the new music coming out and see what all the other artists have gotten influenced by in this past year.”

Why do you think so many DJs come out of Holland?

TN: “We all grew up with dance music. We grew up in a town where there is nothing else to do but make music.”

KTB:”Everyone is so well connected. We are all in the same group chats sharing a lot of music that we find,  plug ins and tips. Everyone is always sharing. In holland we have had dance music for 10 or 20 years. I think that definitely makes us a leading country for dance music. We share a lot of information so the development of our industry in Holland goes really really fast for young artists.”

TN:”We have the big artists and the big labels. Everything you need is right there.”


Photos: Rob Berry


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