Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, aka The Bloody Beetroots, aka SBCR, is back with the third installment of his collab series on Dim Mak. Each volume has featured a different “& […]” moniker, with this one featuring all the “punks” he loves to have fun with. The first track getting premiered exclusively here on Your EDM is “Guillotine,” with TWNTYMLS.

You’ll immediately note that this volume is considerably harder and more bass heavy than the previous volumes, owing to the punks message even further. “Guillotine” draws influence from many of the up and coming bass producers of 2015, such as Barely Alive and Twine. Pounding drums and exciting synths propel the mix forward with animalistic intensity as SBCR demonstrates he can fit in with the cool kids.

We were also able to catch up with SBCR and as him some questions about the EP and music in general.

What was your inspiration in making this EP?

I wanted to do something moderately violent with a touch of madness. Nothing more, nothing less.

First you had ‘Friends,’ then ‘Adversaries’… what makes this group of people ‘Punks’?

I think the name came from the greeting through which this EP was produced. Myself and all the artists involved in the production wanted to use a common denominator : no fucks given.

The tone of this EP is a lot more visceral and heavier than the previous two volumes. What were you trying to do with this one compared to the others?

Experimenting gives you the luxury of being able to operate on different sound areas. Although giving a fuck is the way I live I think this EP represents the focused fire for my productions.

How’s the solo SBCR work compared to the Bloody Beetroots stuff? Do you find more freedom, or is it just something else to have fun with?

SBCR is a Bloody Beetroots rib…..which I consider to be my experimental laboratory to create what will be the new Bloody Beetroots sound. Ears pricked and alert.

How many “SBCR &…” volumes are we gonna get? Any idea?

At the beginning of the SBCR story I told myself three EPs, that’s it. But the experimentation makes me quite prolific, so prolific that songs I’ve made under the SBCR moniker are now being saved for The Bloody Beetroots 10th anniversary next year.

SBCR is on tour in the coming weeks. You can catch him at any of the dates below!

3/17 @ Dim Mak 20th Anniversary Miami Music Week – Miami, FL

3/19 @ Dim Mak 20th Anniversary SXSW – Austin, TX

3/11 @ Bootshaus – Cologne, GR

3/12 @ Meetfactory – Prague, CZ

3/18 @ Space Ibiza – New York, NY

4/15 @ Showcase – Paris, FR

4/16 @ Festival Insolent – Lanester, FR

4/22 @ Razzmattazz – Barcelona, SP

6/17 @ We Are Electric Festival – Eersel, NL

**More dates announcing soon**