Pictures have surfaced of Skrillex claiming to be French mystery producer Malaa, and now people are asking, “Is Malaa Skrillex?” The long and short of it is: no, he’s not.

Despite pictures from Snapchat and Malaa’s own Twitter, it’s likely nothing more than DJs having fun, the same way that DJs were having fun with Marshmello’s helmet a month or so ago when filming a music video in LA. What’s the easiest way to determine that Skrillex isn’t in fact Malaa? Tour dates.

Two, in particular, stand out. On January 16, Malaa was playing Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles; on the same date, Skrillex was playing Life In Color Miami with Diplo as Jack Ü, completely across the country. Now, that’s not entirely implausible, but check this. On Feburary 26, Skrillex was playing Ultra South Africa; on the same date, Malaa was playing O2 Academy in Leeds, England.

So yeah, let the DJs have their fun. But don’t be silly about it.

We’ve also already got our own theory as to why Malaa is either DJ Snake, Tchami or Mercer… or all three. Check that out here.