At this point in the game, you’d be hard pressed to find a member of the EDM community who doesn’t harbor some resentment toward those “artists” who’ve taken the easy way to the top. With the use of ghost producers, paid followers on social media and general lack of originality or attempts to stand out as an individual, many contributors in our scene have brought into question the integrity of the genre as a whole. For those new to the community, it’s a frustrating reality with no foreseeable solution. For those of us who are weathered and worn from years of seeing it happen, however, the concept is a perfect opportunity to introduce some humor to the situation.

This is just what DJs Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge have done with a parody video that they’ve just released under the new and appropriate pseudonym, Cvnt5 (we’ll let you guess how it’s pronounced). In the clip, a man living in his mom’s basement decides to form a DJ duo with his friend. After securing the website name, they waste no time in paying tens of thousands of dollars to a ghost producer, drawing up artwork, purchasing followers on their social media accounts, and headlining some of the biggest events in the nation. They’re featured in every major publication and brought onto interviews where they, of course, take credit for the whole thing themselves.

While dressed in ludicrous clothing and wigs, they play out sold out shows to crowds who are none the wiser. As a perfect commentary on the EDM scene, this video comes as both a hilarious and all too true representation of certain members of the community.

Watch below, and visit to purchase actual merch from the newly formed duo.