The unexpected and sudden death of Ultra Music Festival co-founder Alex Omes in January 2015 is beginning to get a little clearer, as Miami-Dade County medical examiner has released the official autopsy report. Omes was found with cocaine in his apartment on the day he died; the medical examiner confirmed that Omes had trace amounts of amphetamines, ketamine, cocaine and GHB in his system.

Despite this new information, an official cause of death has not been given.

The issue comes with whether this will be ruled an accidental death, i.e., overdose, or something possibly more sinister. Omes’ brother, Carlos, told the Miami New Times, “Foul play has not been ruled out. It seems just too much of a coincidence that [the case] didn’t even make it to the first day in court.”

Carlos is still embroiled in that very same case, which has since been appealed.


via Miami New Times