San Holo is back and better than ever. When “New Sky” dropped as the pre-order single from the New Sky EP, I said it was “arguably one of San Holo’s best works, providing a continual progression from his more recent experimental sounds.” The EP’s release on Friday only further proved that statement, with the concluding single “They Just Haven’t Seen It” being just as out-there as the former.

The epic two-track EP is tied together by the underlying theme of minimal-styled future bass. While the two songs are incredibly different from each other, both have drops that don’t really have much going on in them, but in the best way possible. Not every artist can pull off minimal styles well (especially in the trap/future bass scene), but San Holo does it perfectly, arguably better than the other styles he has delved into.

The EP’s release is accompanied by a gorgeous music video for “They Just Haven’t Seen It,” which you can watch here. The video follows a young club-goer as she struggles through an emotional battle, almost entirely in one take. The downtempo vocals from the upcoming vocalist The Nicholas also add a lot to the overall feel of the video, enhancing the emotional aspect tenfold. But enough about the video, I’ll leave you to watch it yourself.

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