Amidst Instagram’s ever evolving list of uses, key insights have now emerged about the relationship between  users and the music they listen to, thanks to a new study by Instagram Music and Nielsen. The study’s aim was to understand more about how users digest music, what their spending habits are, and how much time they spend at live shows. One of the aims of posing these questions, was to help engage both emerging and seasoned artists as they communicate their music visually. The results, while not shocking, are illuminating in many ways.


It turns out, if you’re an Instagram user, you are 42% more likely to spend money to get your music. This includes the streaming services such as YouTube and Spotify, as well as more traditional sources like Apple Music. Also, the average user of the app listens to 30% more music than non-users, with genres ranging from the top two most digested (pop and rap/hip-hop) to the realms of EDM and alternative/indie and everything in between.


And when it comes to live music, Instagram users are more likely to go out and support their favorite artists in person. This is especially because 42% of users say that seeing the live show is a major factor in determining whether or not they are a fan. This is especially the case when it comes to seeing favorite DJs. Also, music festivals and well-known venues have been taking advantage of how effective Instagram is as a communicative tool, using its potential to reach new audiences.


So next time you see someone at a major music event or late night DJ set holding up their smartphone or tablet, chances are they’re not keeping the memory for just their eyes. More than likely, they’re taking an opportunity (for any number of reasons) to engage in some good ol’ fashioned Instagramming.


Via: Medium