Ditta&Dumont are back at it again with another new remix. This time, they have provided the world with their rendition of Kicks&Licks‘ track “Young” featuring Adara on vocals. If you love the original that came out on Lost Identity, you will certainly enjoy this remix as well.

The track begins with a bit of a light and airy flow, Adara’s vocals swimming throughout the opening verse. Heaven trap rhythms then flow through your ears, and beautifully produced drums build into a high energy and out of this world drop. The complex chip tune really complements the dub sounding bass line, and it really delivers huge creativity overall. The second drop is a bit different, as it drops a bit harder. This tune honestly reminds me a lot of Pegboard Nerds‘ “Here It Comes” so it creates some nostalgia and invokes new creative energy at the same time. The ending is slowed down, just like the beginning, closing things out with that heavenly feeling of delight and wonder.

This remix definitely was a cool concept, and the remix EP below has a few other great remixes on it as well. Be sure to check out more from Ditta & Dumont by following their social media links below, and this track is also available as a free download, so get yours now!

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