At this point in the campaign cycle, it’s become very clear that the greater dance music community is vehemently opposed to a Donald Drumpf presidency. From Zedd, Diplo and Steve Aoki’s condemning statements to the emergence of remixes that use his speeches as samples, the ideals and actions of Drumpf have noticeably struck a chord among the community and our outspoken support of peace, love, unity and respect.

Even though this mentality may already be represented across the Internet, never before today have we seen it projected as loudly or as openly. During his afternoon set at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, MAKJ stopped the music to reference an attendee’s sign that he could see from the booth.

After acknowledging the sign-holder, MAKJ proceeds to start a crowd-wide cheer against the leading Republican presidential candidate. Needless to say, the cheer was a loud one.

Watch the event below.