I’ve always been a fan of hip hop with my bass music – from visionaries like Foreign Beggars and Virus Syndicate, to popular featured artists like Tinie Tempah, Dizzy Rascal, Tempa T and more, bass music and hip hop basically go hand in hand.

LUZCID has seen that appeal, and has put all his effort into a new collaborative EP with DC-based rapper Born I Music. The EP is out today, but we have the first stream of the track “Rise Of The Phoenix,” which I think perfectly encapsulates the whole project.

LUZCID has collaborated with Bassnectar before on the track “Science Fiction,” so it’s not surprising to hear a great deal of Bassnectar-esque influence on this tune. Born I immediately hits the ground running, supplanted by powerfully cohesive bass rhythms. Fans of the bass/hip hop combination will find great pleasure in listening to this; those that have yet to discover the beauty of this melding need to check this out.

The Wings EP is available now on iTunes courtesy of Play Me Records.