We have some good news and some great news for you this morning. First, the good news: Datsik has a new EP coming out tomorrow, and that’s f*cking awesome. The great news: you can listen to “Tantrum” from the EP right here, right now.

Featuring Trinidad James on the vocals, “Tantrum” is a straight throwback to the dubstep styles of Datsik in the 2010-2011 era, when Excision, Datsik and Bassnectar were basically the biggest dubstep artists in the US. It has that old school swagger, that wobble and rhythm that we really fell in love with.

As genres, and sound design in general, began to evolve with new sounds entering the audiosphere, dubstep went through various changes and modifications – the rise and fall of “riddim,” more intricate sound design, dubstep-adjacent styles like bass house, etc.

While Datsik eschews most of the innovations made in the past couple of years, the production on “Tantrum” still could not be stronger, even when he’s throwing the style back a couple years for just a minute or two.

Datsik’s Darkstar EP is available now to pre-order on iTunes, and you’ll get “Tantrum” as an immediate download!