It’s been over a year since the last Seven Lions EP, The Throes Of Winter, and fans have been noticeably antsy about getting new material; because while the Santa Barbara native has been touring constantly over the past year, an entire 365 days without new material is a bit unfortunate.

Worry not, though, because the Creation EP is probably his best work yet. Spanning an incredibly diverse array of genres – trance, dubstep, house, folk – these seven tracks should leave no doubt in your mind of his skill and talent as a producer and musician.

If you were lucky enough to tune into the YouTube live stream on Monday, then you’ve already heard the whole release. If not, let me break it down for you: Seven Lions is a musician and he’s worked hard on this EP. Not every track will scream “This is Seven Lions,” but every track is undoubtedly expertly crafted and synthesized. From the rough and discordant “Summer Of The Occult” to the wildly out-of-character “Coming Home,” each track represents a piece of Seven Lions’s own character, history and motivation.

Listen to the Spotify stream below, and follow any of the links to grab you own copy.

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