Following the recent reveal of an upcoming collaboration with Blink-182’s drummer Travis Barker, Steve Aoki has just released his latest original track with the help of Felix Jaehn and vocalist Adam Lambert. The song, “Can’t Go Home,” sees Aoki dipping his toe in the tropical house realm for the very first time, the result surely coming as an exciting opportunity for fans to witness a completely new side to the acclaimed producer. It’s currently available for purchase here.

“This song is a genre crossing collaboration from two different worlds between myself and Felix Jaehn and that’s the beauty in mixing it up and making something so unique as Can’t Go Home. Adding one of the best vocalists in the world Adam Lambert on it just brings this special song to a whole new level. Super excited about sharing this with the world!”

Beginning with a warm kick series and Lambert’s vocals, the track gradually swells upwards into the break, where high-pitched accompanying voices and a simplistic, upbeat melody carry the energy forward. A straightforward percussion section and comfortable sub bass anchor the track to the swaying tempo, allowing listeners to focus on the blissful harmonies and overlapping melodies above.

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