Australian producer UV BOI فوق بنفسجي just dropped his debut EP and while I can’t quite seem to figure out how to pronounce his name just yet, I’m having no such trouble understanding his music.

Through 8 tracks, including interludes, UV BOI فوق بنفسجي walks us through the story of finding love in an online world while going through the different phases of a relationship. Most impressive to me is that somehow UV BOI فوق بنفسجي was able to make this entire piece of work entirely from his bedroom and without samples.

From “Intro 2 LUV” all the way through to “Outro 2 LUV”, UV BOI فوق بنفسجي weaves a profound story of love and the internet through 25 minutes. I’ve personally never been big on instrumental tracks, but somehow through the twisting melodies, shifting aural landscapes, UV BOI فوق بنفسجي’s able to tell a complete tale without the need for lyrics.