A Finnish company called Aitokaiku recently announced the launch of its new mobile app on March 19, which they claim will change the way smartphones and music interact. The developers call the app “the Instagram of music,” and it will allow users to create and share their own unique songs regardless of musical talent.

The app was created by DJ Jarno Eerola, aka Joe Le Bon, a man who has previously made headlines for creating music from the Ebola virus. If he was able to do that, it’s no surprise he ventured further into creating an app that would make music based on the environment you are recording in. What Aitokaiku does is tap into the sensors of your smartphone, taking in different vibrations from the wind, or someone walking by, and translating those into a royalty-free musical soundtrack which can then be shared on various social media platforms. In Le Bon’s own words:

“The Aitokaiku experience is part of a new wave of connected vibrations that people, particularly in the electronic dance music world, are enjoying, and we have now delivered the ability for anyone to create this kind of compositional music stream, from their pocket.”

Aitokaiku comes with four base themes that you can choose from: hip-hop, techno, rock, and classical. Once selected, you record the sights and sounds around you with your phone, leaving you with a one-of-a-kind song that fits your selected genre. The company released two teasers of the app in action, showing off tracks created by a flickering candlelight fire (“Winter Blues”) and a lake with the suns rays bouncing off the water (“Sky Is Always Blue”). Both can be viewed below.

This seems like a pretty awesome idea and luckily, it will be available to both Android and iOS users. Check out their website HERE for more details!


Source | Photos courtesy of Aitokaiku