Following on the heels of his Easter Sunday upload, a powerful and scaled back cut of The Life of Pablo‘s title track “Ultralight Beam,” Kanye West has just had his latest material reworked in the most incredible way thus far. Lido, the multi-talented singer/musician/producer from Norway, uploaded a more than eight-minute album remix-turned-mix that will boggle the minds of Kanye’s and his own fans alike.

Lido, or Peder Losnegård, has built a standout reputation for himself in both the dance music and hip hop communities ever since his project’s inception several years ago. With now-classic remixes of Disclosure, Banks, AlunaGeorge and S-Type, in addition to an incredible roster of original releases, Lido’s name now brings with it images of soulful yet bombastic creations that blur the lines between many of his most practiced genres,

Today, a new website was created in his name that serves as a direct homage (or perhaps parody) of Kanye’s newest album cover and title. On it is a simple embed and artwork that mimics Kanye’s own cover down to the baby picture. “Life of Peder (Part 1)” can be downloaded for free, and stands as a truly masterful collection of remixed sections, straight cuts and completely original production. Sections from nearly all of TLOP‘s tracks make their way into the work, some standing on their own while others blend with one another or with Lido’s own additions. The result is a striking and instantly memorable experience that seamlessly connects the atmospheric worlds of both he and Mr. West.

Listen to the entire eight-minute “track” below, and keep your fingers crossed for a hopeful Part 2.