Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz have already broken the internet with the announcement of their headlining collab-set at Tomorrowland 2016. Now the living legends may have effectively caused bedlam in the EDM community, as Deadmau5 has hinted at a Twitch livestream of their studio preparations for this massive performance.

Following Joel’s performance at Ultra Music Festival, Armin Van Buuren recorded a memorable interview for his famed A State of Trance radio program. While Joel revealed the astounding news of his Tomorrowland set being a live performance, his notion of a Deadmau5 and Prydz studio livestream seemed to have gotten lost in the fray of all the Ultra hype. He began to explain their plans to rent out a studio for a couple weeks when Armin asked about the possibility of the illustrious duo livestreaming their preparatory compositions. Although his response was a mere, “Yeah, for sure. We could do that,” the sincere, declaratory tone of Deadmau5’s voice indicated that this is indeed going to happen. If the idea of seeing two production phenoms working behind the scenes is too hard to believe, watch the full interview below and see for yourself!