In this era of music festivals and large scale venue takeovers, the traditional nightclub experience is becoming less and less about the music. As opposed to proper concerts, where the entire audience’s attention is directed toward the stage, and where trips to the bar result in speedy returns to the dance floor rather than lingering to socialize, the general feeling surrounding basic nightclubs is beginning to lean further away from avid music seekers.

In a recent survey given by The Guardian, 196 UK millennials aged 18 to 35 were asked about their clubbing preferences. Out of everyone surveyed, 131 said that they do not enjoy going to nightclubs.

The main reasons for wanting to skip the clubs were then broken down into several commonly-answered categories.

  • Clubs are too expensive
  • Clubs are ‘rubbish’ these days
  • They are too impersonal
  • Going out causes them anxiety
  • Various safety and health concerns
  • They are too tired to go out

Several participants mentioned that if they’re going to be spending an exorbitant amount of money, they’d rather save it for major festivals and the like.

“I’d much rather make a plan and meet up with friends face to face rather than sit in separate rooms and talk over social media. I don’t use Facebook any more and I think my friendships are better now I make the effort to catch-up with people properly…I love live music, and going to see bands play live is the main way to keep them in existence these days.”


Sources: Stoney Roads, The Guardian