Co-written by Bret Jacobson

It’s been a heavy few days for the dance music community, and for music-lovers in general. Life is wonderful, but unfortunately, it is also fragile and fleeting. Remember to hold your loved ones close, friends; cherish them, revel in their presence, and love them without restraint.

That being said, we would like to pass our heartfelt condolences to all family, friends and fans of Nicholas Alvarado, better known by his stage name, Pumpkin. As he was reportedly enroute to Head for the Hills Festival in Texas, he was involved in a fatal car accident earlier this week. Nick was such a bright and shining person. His smile was infectious, captivating, and never faded. The dance community got a few shades darker with his passing.


I have had the joy of grooving to Pumpkin at numerous festivals over the last few years. From mid-afternoon boogie sessions to main stage antics to his legendary sunrise sets, he always curated a stunningly groovy vibe and brought unlimited positivity. Many a house-hater has been converted while under the spell of his infectiously fun and funky beats. The first time I saw him was at Lightning in a Bottle 2014, where I instantly fell in love with his music and the energy he was projecting into the crowd. I then remember walking past the kid’s area and double taking because he was playing a set just for the kids the same year. Seeing this instantly spoke volumes to me about his character and the type of person he was. Nick was a truly genuine soul and filled to the brim with love.12523871_10153948420822527_6253206774405304448_n

I am extremely devastated that we lost someone who consistently had such a positive impact on our community. However, when a person passes, they have two deaths. One is physical and obvious. The other occurs when they are last thought of by another person. A person of Nick’s character is few and far between; keep your memories of him alive, rejoice for the times you shared with him. As long as we keep his light shining and continue to share it with our fellow humans, he’ll never truly be gone from this world.

Thank you, Nick; thank you for choosing to bless our generation with your music, your art, your passion and your heart. It will live on eternally just like every memory we have of you. I cannot wait for the party you are throwing on the other side. Rest in peace, fellow acorn, and thank you for being the bright and shining star that you are.