Today, producer UZ dropped an immense remix EP for his Frontier compilation. Featuring reworks from the likes of QUIX, Lux.Impala, Subsurge, ATLiens and more, the collection of work comes as a harsh and deadly re-imagination of UZ’s already noteworthy EP. Among the roster of contributors also stands resident dubstep champion Lumberjvck. His flip of UZ’s “Chainsaw” rests as the final song on the remix collection, and is easily one of its most distinctive and memorable inclusions. It’s currently available for free download here.

The track begins with an oncoming swirl of dark, atmospheric elements and distant chainsaw rips. A simple series of snare hits swells upward into the song’s gradual build, where a rumbling sub bass rests underneath vocaloid phrases and scattered percussion. The song climbs with power before eventually erupting outward into otherworldly growls and screeching sirens. The sub bass becomes one of the drop’s most defining factors as it adds weight and intensity to each beat. After a short break, the rise begins once more, this time dropping off into a chopped variant of the first break.

Click here to download the track for free!