Early this morning, Swedish dance music icon Avicii announced via Facebook that he would be retiring from touring indefinitely. While fans and fellow producers around the world lamented his departure, however, he wasted no time making it back into the news this afternoon, this time regarding his feature film, Stories.

The 1 x 60′ film, still a work in progress and yet to receive an official release date, follows Avicii’s journey as he climbed the ranks toward becoming an international music success. From his chart-topping singles and astoundingly popular albums, Avicii has enjoyed the status of ‘legend’ for as long as most modern-day EDM fans can remember. According to BBC, however, the movie has just been sold to the company’s BBC Worldwide commercial branch.

Salim Mukaddam, Director of Music at BBC Worldwide, described his pleasure at acquiring what’s sure to be a widely sought-after film.

“Avicii redefined the boundaries of contemporary dance music with his debut album. His hits have gone gold and platinum in 25 countries, but little is known about the man behind the music. This film promises to give fans and music lovers an insight into the unbelievable world of a superstar artist, from the highs of playing to packed stadiums around the world to the lows of illness and struggling to get back to the stage. We are very excited to see the finished project later this year.”

Executive Producer of Sveriges Television Daniel Zackrisson revealed his own excitement for the film’s debut.

“We are extremely excited to work with one of Sweden’s biggest music exports, and the documentary will be something special in the world of music documentaries. The very unique footage will give an extraordinary look into Tim’s world as the artist Avicii. The very talented director, Levan, is spending an enormously amount of time with Tim, and the access to the – normally – so anonymous artist is giving a rare insight in the life of a super star.’’

So, before many of his fans have even received the news of his devastating announcement, Avicii is already beginning to cash out on his retirement. With the film still in its production process, only time will tell whether the decision to hand over the reins was a beneficial one.

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Source: BBC